When it comes to handicrafts and handlooms, India undoubtedly has a rich and boastful legacy that has withstood the test of time. Through the ages, handicrafts made in India have maintained their exclusiveness. These crafts carry the magnetic appeal of the Indian culture that promises exclusivity, beauty, dignity and style.

We strive to channelize this true legacy through our passion in our products since 1996. We started this journey in 1996 at Jodhpur with few employees. VIVIANA translates to “Alive” and just like our company name, our products stand to its reputation. Innovative designs of our products have an aesthetic appeal with uncompromising quality having glorious historic essence.

We make sure that our products meet our quality standards from the start to the finish of the production process. The need, requirement and satisfaction of our clients are our top priority. Different materials like wood, metal, marble, sandstone etc each having their own distinct style and aesthetics are used in our products along with magnificent artistic skills of our artisans’ which provides a wide range of ethnic patterns to them.

We specialize in Handcrafted furniture and offer a large variety of unique items such as Cabinets, Sideboards, Boxes, Colonial Furniture, Gift Items, Garden Furniture, Sandstone Articles, Marble Articles, Lamps, Miscellaneous Furniture. We also specialize in developing products and designs as per imaginations and guidelines provided to us by our loving buyers. We can provide a complete range of products for the bedrooms, dining rooms ,garden area, living rooms, kitchen etc. which gives unparalleled elegance to your place.